Thursday, July 9, 2020

Sometimes It's Hard to Be a Woman

Vintage Harlequin Romance Cover Art — Dream of Winter by Rebecca ...

There was a point in my teen years when I started finding Harlequin Romance novels in the bathroom that my mom would buy at the grocery store and read on her short breaks from work.  Stealing small moments to herself, a full time worker and co-owner of a restaurant, a mother of a tribe and taking on an adopted son of her brother's.  She went full smarmy, the covers featured torn peasant blouses and couples embraced in some lame forbidden passion.  First of all I was a snotty teenager that wanted to race in and confront her on her choice of reading material.  But I never did because I truly loved and respected my mom so much as a person.  She was incredibly special but I was so shocked at discovering this side of her. Surely, she knew this was pure silliness.  We all knew my dad wasn't exactly the most romantic guy just by his choice of gifts.  His efforts were pathetic and he was pretty cheap bless his heart.  I remember he once bought her a nightgown set right out of the 50s that he must have bought at the five and dime for a big anniversary present.  He didn't wrap it and presented it on the plastic hanger that adjoined the pieces.  We just shook our heads, poor mom.  She never let on that it mattered.  Then when she seemed to drop much of her primping and feminine details, I figured that was just her getting older.  But I was curious to understand what prompted the abrupt change and hoped she didn't just give up on feeling attractive.  These books made me realize she had needs and desires just like the rest of us. 
I think it had something to do with our friend menopause because I'm going through some similar strange goofiness that I hope goes aways soon.  Hormones are powerful and admittedly, I've fallen prey to a few too many romantic comedies of late for my tastes.  No one prepares you for this time when your body, mind and spirit all feel like they're taking different roads and life becomes so out of sync.
While P was gone we had us a heat wave, so there was not a lot of cooking happening.  I did however, manage to pamper my stomach, at least with this beef ragu sauce over fresh spinach pasta and on top, I mixed in a little dollop of pesto.  I mixed the noodles with the sauce and added some pasta water, then drizzled with a good tasting Olive Oil.  Other then the fake Parmesan this was delicious and reminded me of a fresh Pappardelle dish I had in the Village some years ago.

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