Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Falling On My Head Like a New Emotion

Castro's Combination Plate 

Castro's Chile Relleno

Loaded Nacho Fries 
Loaded Nacho fries?  I'm listening with my eyes!!!  Of course you've seen every type of loaded french fries at this point but I will say carne asada with a well distributed pico, sour cream and an inordinate amount of guacamole ....for me, was hitting that Tom Cruise, Renee Zellweger-at-the-front-door type passion, but if you replace Cruise with cheesy fries of course! 

Some find rain romantic.  I'm not big on sappy couples-type romance but I do find so many natural settings dreamy in an enchanting, corny way, like riding home on my bike in a giant storm.  Plus, as an adult, it is seldom that you are in an uncontrolled situation like this.  Cheap child-like thrills, getting all wet, swerving to avoid pothole puddles, can be exhilarating.  What better reward than the following day off and pounds of fine Mexican food delivered?  

Last nights rain storm 

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