Monday, June 8, 2020

People Are Strange, When You're a Stranger

Egg, corn & cheese tacos with quinoa salad for dinner
1 week of strange times back to the job behind me and another one starting.  Margarita smelling sanitizer lingers in the air all day.  Wearing a face mask for 8 hours is not going to be easy or pleasant in the coming summer months.  There were times when I had to pull mine down quickly to grasp for air feeling a tinge of claustrophobia coming on.  I would question that, but I saw other coworkers do the same.  That big extra intake of air you need when you exert yourself is real.  Then there is the new use of our senses.  It's very unusual going about your business mainly using your eyes only.  Your sense of smell is hindered because of course the mask covers your nose.  You talk more when it's necessary and many times, people can't hear you unless they expect a conversation.  So, this new eye communication is the main game.  Passing people where normally you could see their smile and hear their greeting, even if it was quiet, has gone away.  Now, all my sublty goes unheard all together so, I've dropped it and speak only when I have to.
Then, the big reveal in the break room where masks come off and for some minutes, we all see each as usual.  All the women have stopped wearing makeup in any way, even the theys.  It's just not practical.  Bare lips, pale cheeks, is the new view.  It's been liberating for me, sensual in a weird way because I've worn it all my life out of some outdated sense of decency. As if anyone gives any mind to what I do, hell I might as well be invisible, which is fine by me.  Still though while eating, we're facing one way and 6 ft apart.  Some walk around the room and speak openly,  and it's shocking, you feel exposed, as if the speaker is presumed to be spreading germs just by spouting in your direction.
My sister made this beautiful bright mask that coincidentally matches my safety vest

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