Monday, June 15, 2020

There Is No End To What We Can Do Together

I'm two weeks back to work but pre Phase 2, so still void of actual customers. P and I were discussing how each little freedom we gained during quarantine, we're handing back one by one like pennies at the candy counter.  Now, these were all things we accepted pre-COVID 19 but somehow indulging in those freedoms made life feel so delightfully unregimented.  Waking up and eating when your body knows it's hungry, going to the bathroom not every 2 hours but when you need to.  Working for a full 8 hours and traveling back and forth to work basically takes your entire day.  When you come back and make a meal, clean up and then shower yourself, welp, you have time to basically check if the world is still crazy and maybe take in some visual nonsense before it's all over and you start again.  Logically, I know this is the deal.  This is how we live, in order to live.  I just can't help but notice how oppressive it feels when you've lived it differently for awhile.  You have to make a living and I actually love to work.  It's how we work could use some tweaking in that Google office kind of way.  I've been in retail for 42 years and I believe if the processes feel like prison, that is what your salesperson will reflect.  People take advantage and that's a fact but they will anyway so maybe the best you can hope for is motiving the majority through small allowances.  Its amazing how simple pleasures really are the best.  Like these after work frozen Whole Foods pizzas. 

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