Sunday, June 21, 2020

When No One Cares But You

This was one of those weeks when I juggled a few ideas at a time and reused and interchanged items.  In other words, I worked and reworked leftovers.  Looking back on this now, I see the error of my dietary ways.   This was a pulled pork and Pepper Jack cheese quesadilla with a baked chicken thigh over brown rice.  Today I would say pick one or the other and double the salad, porky!  But appetite levels have fluctuated post COVID and P has been hungry for the first time in months and months where he will serve himself seconds.  I'm always hungry even when I'm nauseous, which I know is just plain weird.  More than likely this was an afterwork rush job and there was no time to think but another idea would be to take the quesadilla and cut it into wedges to serve as the appetizer to share beforehand.  That would have made it into a balanced dinner.  All great ideas that no one cares about but me.

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