Monday, June 1, 2020

I Got a Fever of a Hundred and Three

Made the official return to work at the big yellow retail box, minus the customers.  It was great to talk to humans I know and see them in the flesh.  It was also strange to be in an environment post-COVID, but mid-protests.  At the beginning of the day there was confusion as to who long we would stay because of rioting.  So many coworkers did get the virus while away and even though we had to sign a paper stating we would not discuss, the first story out of the main manager's mouth on the microphone at the rally was how he was rushed to the hospital with a high fever and went through a harrowing experience days after we closed.  I instantly thought of the moment that same week he made me shake the hand of a visitor from Spain that he had just flown back to New York with, this being before we even knew of the European influence, before masks but way after I had become preoccupied with germs.  I said to my coworker, not jokingly well let's start counting the days because they both just flew on a damn plan and that man was from out of the country.  This guy is super healthy, about my age, runs marathons and is impossibly tall as my husband says but I could see it in his eyes, he'd been through it and came out the other side, just like us.   So that erased any morsel of blame I may have wanted to put on him.  Plus, in reality that place was a cesspool with thousands of customers from everywhere, just like anywhere in Brooklyn so I could have caught it from just about anyone.  I learned of another main manager that has been battling cancer but somehow caught a mild case and recovered, thank goodness.  She's about half my size and I had worried she would never make it.  Lots of the 'youts' joked about their very mild bouts, just a little cough for a few days, loss of smell, a positive test and that was it.  But many folks lost family members and in general, being together was like being at a wake.  Seeing people you love sharing in some kind of weird grief yet there is some joy, certainly a comforting togetherness.  
Sweet Potato taco- A hearty and healthy mix of refried black beans & roasted sweet potatoes topped with queso fresco and slightly spicy dried chile salsa
Pollo Yucateco, Barbacoa, El Pastor tacos
Later, P had Tacombi tacos waiting after a full day of retail therapy.  
Swedish Meatballs, gravy, potatoes and green beans for lunch of course.

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