Friday, October 19, 2018

Sweet Love Showing Us Some Heavenly Light

My stomach equates visitors with eating out at quality restaurants because without the pressure, we usually wouldn't bother to dress and go sit up properly somewhere.  P's sister and girlfriend came for a wedding I would have guessed months ago but looking at the calendar it was only weeks. 
In that short time we lived, ate and laughed much harder than usual.  Women are normally intense so two come packing some mighty powerful energy.  That's good for us because I can slow my heart rate down to near death and P is mellow by nature.

Nathan's Coney Island dogs

P ordering his famous two at a time beers. Even though he's not supposed to drink anymore, he likes to double up when around family.

The most impressive food pics are missing from Olea, the popular neighborhood Pan-Mediterranean hot spot. We had so many tapas I can't recall my favorite but the most interesting was these light crispy hollow peppers that were dry roasted or something that left them like a ghost of themselves.  They practically dissolved in your mouth and so there was nothing to swallow except a smoky essence.  

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