Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Driftin' Too Far from Shore

Something that people don't realize is that Manhattan and Brooklyn have few places where you can actually step on land that meets the water.  Much of it has barriers and fences, old buildings and the old dilapidated piers are closed to the public.  Even the newly refurbished West Side Highway is amazing but you don't get to walk to the water much until you get way up by the George Washington bridge.  Here at the Brooklyn Bridge park they made a tiny little beach and you can walk on the sand to the water.  You'd be surprised what a weird thrill that is for a person like me.  Instantly I feel my primordial connection to the earth again.  It's as if this concrete can block out all that natural gut instinct. 
That's one issue I have with the city, it allows you to forget what you are, if you let it.  You can't let your mind believe your man-made surroundings too much. 
I love using those same senses to create interesting meals.  I know zucchini and corn are a match made in heaven so roasted with shrimp and Parmesan Polenta with a touch of fresh pesto could be rustic and earthy, yet bright.
And it so was that.  

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