Thursday, October 25, 2018

I've Got Nothing to Say But It's Okay

Good Morning!
Quick poached eggs over roasted potatoes and ham.  This works when your yolks break open and flow like a yellow river over the lot.  They provide their own sauce. The tomato and cilantro are like confetti fun in your mouth.  Breakfast is so special.  Some people don't eat breakfast. That's so sad.  I'm the most hungry in the morning.  And lunch.  I could skip dinner and always felt it was too serious of a commitment.  Hate the word supper.  Sounds heavy and mean.  Lunch and breakfast is far more light and happy.  If your mind is most sharp upon waking then my taste buds and stomach are also super 'woke' in the morning too. Every sense gets roused and fueled up.

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