Friday, June 3, 2016

Take This Pot and Shove It

This won.  Stewed Mexican Chicken with Sweet Potatoes.  I am ending a full year of experimenting with throwing things in a pot and shoving them in the oven.  Most of the time it's better than I hoped for.  Braising and stews may be obvious to some but not to me.  Took me years to realize then I sort of had a moment when I figured this was all a formula.  Meat, liquid, plus vegetable covered and cooked in oven equals yes.  And there are a gazillion combinations.  And if you're more hungry you can add a grain like rice, quinoa or millet.  Got herbs? Because after you get a successful union down, everything else is just bonus.
I browned some chicken thighs, added onion, garlic, a small can of Chipotle peppers in sauce, lots of garlic cloves.  But mere mortals should take heed in using all the peppers and stick with maybe one or two with the sauce.  Or better yet, they have cans of just the sauce now.  Maybe it's been there, I don't get out much.
A little chicken stock, a bay leaf, sweet potatoes in big chunks dumped in.  Put a lid on it, shove it literally in the oven and come back in about 45 minutes.  The chicken falls off the bone and absorbs all the sauce.
Chicken legs are cool because you can do a whole pack and have leftovers for lunch and another dinner, just change up the side.  

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