Thursday, June 16, 2016

That's the Time, I Feel Like Makin' Love to You

Black Rice Pasta with Asparagus
Black Rice pasta with shiitake mushrooms, lightly steamed asparagus, chicken sausage and just sesame oil and lemon on top.  Surprisingly silky.  Visually kind of stunning. An afterwork afterthought for a quick dinner.
Bright, colorful food does so much for the whole body and soul.  Physically you feel revitalized instead of drained and heavy.  Mentally that helps to keep you upbeat and light with your thoughts as well.  And for someone like me, staying out of the drudge, the super heavy dark thoughts can be a daily struggle.  Actually it's a constant grind because you can't 'unknow' hard things, even for a second.  But you can focus on other truths.  Like a moment of goofy laughter or that feeling you get when you hear an amazing song.  How your cat can remind you there is still innocence when you watch her play by herself.   For me, how perfectly content I can actually feel when I'm in my tiny kitchen ready to cut some fresh vegetables, smash some garlic, squeeze some lemons and rinse off some greens, hear the sound of onions hitting a hot pan.
My relationship with food is romantic at times.   Similar to love making, eating involves all of your senses.  The anticipation of this experience is almost as great as the deed itself.  I see this bounty of colors which tells me this is fresh and will revitalize my body. The scent stimulates my appetite.  The taste excites me and gives me happiness and as I continue I feel so grateful and content.  The first bite, the penetration so to speak is fireworks going off in your mouth, it's all the flavors sliding down your throat, chewing the mixture of firm and soft textures, the bite of the asparagus, the woodiness of the mushrooms, the silky pasta.  The emptiness of your belly subsiding, and all the working together of your brain with your face, your stomach, your core, your little buddha-like soul.  It's a slow drive. It's a happy ending, it is satisfaction.  And then pictures leave a memory.

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