Saturday, June 11, 2016

Let Me State the Position, Ladies First

I got this recipe from a Woman's Day magazine.  I'm looking at one right now.  They keep coming because I can't for the life of me figure out how to stop the subscription.  They've made it impossible.  But today was the first day I really put any thought into the title.  Woman's Day.  I like the sound of a day just for women.  I like the sound of a day just doing womanly things. I guess today would be that.  It's a day off after a long stretch.  I can't speak for most women or any really, just myself.  But I don't especially feel all that feminine most days but others I get it, I go there to that tender place.  I like things to be really clean before I can relax so I usually spend part of my day off scrubbing the entire apartment.  Sweeping, mopping, and dusting the funk out, replacing the stale air with a new vibe.  I brush my cat.  I water my plants.  I play music that makes me feel things.  I make tea and hand wash my underwear.  That can feel pretty femmy.  I fantasize about keeping it feeling just like this always. No male energy, no dirty tools, dusty equipment or boxes of random bullshit.  Would that be great?  I think I'd still invite P over all the time but then he could go back to his own little place where he doesn't put his toilet seat down, and where he doesn't wipe down the sink after he's finished. Where his popcorn kernels never get on my clean cotton sheets.  Where he can wash his glass only to the smudgy stage and still drink from it.  Lots of fantasizing in a woman's day.

When it's all done I take a long shower and use all the good creams, tonics, and take my time. The key is to feel renewed and refreshed.  I air dry my hair, put on only loose cotton clothes that make me feel good. Then and only then can I write or watch a movie, make some good food, truly unwind.  But the best part is just the quiet kind of peace created when everything is all nice.  The gentle breeze, hearing the birds outside and the fan oscillating.  I text my sister back and forth.  Eat a piece of fruit. Everything smells good and I don't hate myself. That's my Woman's Day.

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