Sunday, June 26, 2016

Don't You Forget About Me

My incredible, talented, and insanely fit niece came to visit with her family from Arizona.  I had no misgivings and absolutely understood and accepted that I would completely blow it in the fun department because I'm me. But I never even considered that my food selections would fail.  I have learned several lessons through the years that I did not apply to this circumstance. You cannot trust the city to provide like it usually does seemingly by pure magic.  No, when you have guests the city will act up on you.  Whereas there are always amazing little stands, trucks and pizza when you just need a bite but suddenly here I had this poor family so desperate for milk that they had to go into a Starbuck's.  No bodegas to be found.  No wondrous happenings, just endless walking until we were all exhausted.
Rosa Mexicano Union Square - Funny thing about this place is we have gone to it in several of it's reincarnations and it's never been great.  But the space has good character so it has a really pleasant feel to it. Perhaps in another lifetime.  Why would I think anyone from Arizona would appreciate New York Mexican?  Clearly an area they have a bounty of choices and one where we're not exactly leading the culinary world.  Mainly though, my focus should have been on ALL the foods that we do excel in.  No, I take them to a Mexican chain restaurant.
Everything looks good enough and it didn't suck to be fair but it sure didn't entice and delight.  Still, not a horrible place to take a small family because of the high ceilings and lighting. Also, it's loud enough.  I don't like quiet unless I'm with one person.
Black Forest Brooklyn for breakfast.  Again, normally really great and we did try to consider the space and comfort for the kids but the menu options fell short. Unfortunately the pancakes were not what sweet Lela had in her mind.  More the french thin rolled variety.  She was a very good sport about it.
Little girls are so enchanting.  I was lucky enough to be a part of her world for one afternoon.

Patrick's was certainly a lot of food but somehow just didn't cut it that day.  Too much salty dry things together.  This needed a sauce. Right now it looks awesome to me though.
I will always remember certain out of town trips as a very young girl.  These kids have seen so much and are very adventurous.  But I hope that there was something about this place that they can keep with them forever. Be cool if it had anything to do with me.

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