Tuesday, October 28, 2014

If You See Me Walking Down the Street, Walk on By

Much ado about nothing in the news today.  A video of a woman walking in the city and getting lots of attention.  She's looks ethnic, has a pleasing ass, boobs and waistline and everyone is shocked that she got lots of comments on the New York sidewalks??  Really?  

So many social media rants about how there should be a law.  Men do not have the right, blah, blah, blah.

Has society now evolved to say collectively, this is not acceptable?  In New York where we have so many different classes and cultures (thank God!), it would almost be impossible to ask this of men. Don’t we just have to accept this NYC behavior like we do spitting on the sidewalks of Chinatown or Russians speaking comically loud or tourists walking in the bike lane of the Brooklyn Bridge?  What about freedom of speech?

Sure they're assholes. But hell the guy talking on his cellphone barreling unaware through life is just as annoying to me. I do separate the favorable polite acknowledgements from the lewd.  These are not the same and they do not come from the same place.  I don’t think we should lump all these men in the same category either.  

I’m of the opinion that this is a class, societal and culturally driven situation.  I don’t say problem because for a lot of women, it’s not, at least in my observations.
I live in Fort Greene around a lot of strong gorgeous African-American women and I see men giving these 'compliments' regularly and the women are not threatened or many times even bothered.  Same goes for the youth here and at my work. I've seen it work a lot of times!  But from the outside, I see the men so blatantly shopping, if you will, the backsides of these women.  To me, it's a little shameless and not sweet at all.  But then again, it's also not a problem for me.
My flat ass can't get arrested in this town but back in SF, it was all the rage in the Mission district where the Central and Mexican American imports would comment with 'psssts' and 'hey mommy's' that felt like a wet tongue in my ear.  I was the right body type, Latin, and child-bearing age.  Seemed very animal to me but it also made some type of weird sense.  Like I could see the majority of these guys were actually making an honest effort, albeit so off base. And I probably looked a little more hot to trot with my fishnets and boots, so giving off the wrong scent on my end. I actually stopped going to the neighborhood by myself though because there was a real fear, lots of criminals and drunks. But my final advice; Keep walking and 99% of the time, the problem simply goes away. And by the way girls, male attention does have an expiration date. Trust me, at 52 the fan mail is not exactly pouring in.

This is an interesting topic to observe but I don’t know that anyone could control it. And I have no desire to try.

However, I did try to mix ground flax seed, corn meal flour, herbs, and seasonings to coat these chicken tenders.  I baked them on a cookie sheet until crisp and crunchy but still moist on the inside.  I served over a tomatillo-green apple raw sauce and fresh peas.  Hot damn girl, nice (chicken) breasts!

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