Wednesday, October 15, 2014

We're All Sensitive People, With So Much Love to Give

I had a flash of the future at work yesterday and it occurred to me that a new day is dawning.  I'm speaking of customers trying to record employees during confrontations.  I work in retail selling kitchen cabinets and we have meltdowns and yelling, people crying, couples arguing daily. Redoing a kitchen is a major project and it comes with inconvenience and shoddy contractors and time delays. I'm sure it wears on you.  It is not unusual for someone to be in the department insisting to speak with a manager or having a complete yuppie tantrum because they can't get their way.  As a salesperson, I have quite a bit of control because there are not managers that are brave enough to stay on the floor.  Normally I handle the situation as my mood and patience allows.  But this day as a customer was working my very last nerve, I looked down and realized she seemed to have her phone posed directly at me.  This little bit*# was either voice recording or filming me!  My tone changed quickly and I did a complete rethink of all my phrasing.  Afterall, I am a professional.
Her questions were posed to me in such a definite way. It was apparent she was looking to frame my ass.  But lucky for me I'm super paranoid and on guard always, so I shut that shit down quickly and as fake nice as I could.  The whole time my eyes were screaming, I know you're filming me girl and I better never see you in the parking lot, smiley face, LOL, have a nice day!.  Then I spent my 15 minute break checking with security to get my legal rights.  Turns out I can refuse to be filmed or recorded and if I feel uncomfortable I can just walk away.
This is powerful.  And it's not new.  You remember the taping of that crazy lady ranting at the Apple Store. These little gems, trending money makers happen all day long at retail, especially at stores that screw up a lot like the one I work at.  That's a financial opportunity.  Recording your experiences is also a natural progression of all this selfie phenomenon.  Going from images to recorded film and then using it to gain internet interest. It's like the perfect weather conditions for a shit storm. Everyday people have been given the power to become their own celebrity.  And I envisioned it today and it was not good.
This also ties into people wanting to put cameras on cops bodies, which I was all in favor of until I realized I could be next in line as a retail schlep.  What if everything I did and said needed to be by the book?  Eeeesh. That's the only reason I like retail.   The interaction with other humans that you can experiment with and change, be creative, even screw with. It's fun!  Like sometimes I feel its better to teach the person a lesson in manners than to just suck it up and help them continue to be a deek.  They get a service but just not the one they came in seeking.  You're welcome.  Afterall, I'm a human too, not some corporate robot.
But you know what?  Now if the camera's are rolling that just makes me work harder at my performance. Ms Jerk-off-filming-me-without-permission, Let's Get it On!

You CAN have it both ways, like this grilled chicken breast with tomatillo sauce and homemade chicken vegetable soup.

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