Sunday, October 5, 2014

Gimme Something Good, Gimme Something Good!

I just watched a documentary about time.  First of all we invented the damn concept of time as we know it now. And for what?  Basically for people to get to their trains on time?  Who knew such a great idea would lead to such mental imprisonment.  Clocks then became a way to monitor work hours.  It just ended up pissing me off because clocks, watches and time in general bring us all so much stress & anxiety.  It's like a constant nagging uneasiness.  People used to get up with the sun and stop working when the work was finished or when the sun went down.  Whether you are bummed on Monday morning or you work a mixed schedule, you get that same feeling of shittydom at some point.
Watching the clock was always something I felt in my heart as a young girl would Never be my plight but here I am as I write, waiting until 12noon, when I'll ride out to start my shitty shift exactly one hour from that moment in time.
We need a new world pioneer to come along with a brilliant way to still get the work done but remove some of these shackles and free us from our needless torment.  I mean, it's like a double shame that we created this bullshit ourselves.  We spend way too much wasted energy on distressing over a cursed day with a predictable outcome.  Perhaps some of us hold way more animal chromosomes than others.  I'm constantly aware that I am wild and need to have space and freedom and often feel like these work spaces are much like zoo cages.  I'm restless and I pace, waiting for that gate to open. But then I'll ride the subway and people, at least on the outside seem so content, subdued and fine with standing in this crowded tin can.  I feel like a cat in there, constantly scanning eyes and reacting to movements.  My only relief is when those doors finally slide open and I can breathe again and escape the enclosure.  Acknowledging passing time is just another way to restrict our minds by putting focus on something we can never control.
You need time to sleep, to eat, to shower, to do chores, to enjoy yourself doing things you'd spend more time on if you didn't have to be a slave to some faceless company in order to live and feed your face.  What we do each year is buy our own time back for ourselves to use like welfare stamps to live.  Our concept of time is outdated now and in dire need of an update.
I timed this steamed asparagus just right in order to leave it vibrant with a little bite, green and glossy.  This bacon mushroom burger was also cooked to a nice perfection topped with a few crumbles of bleu cheese. 

Even though I've found a nice comfortable place somewhere on the west side of dejection, I still have good fight in me and feel no one should own my time except me, even if I screw up and squander it.  I respect other people's time and put a high value on time in general but still hate the whole idea behind it.

If we can see the water on a moon 886 million miles away, can't someone give us a better way to look at time?

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