Sunday, October 12, 2014

And It's All Over Now Baby Blue

Improvements usually mean higher rents and our asses getting moved further down the road. As I approached Fulton Mall walking I saw the changes right around my corner regarding all these new high rises going up.  Construction is funny like that, it just creeps up on you and all the sudden there is this huge building taking up half the sky.  This particular corner was not long for this world anyway due to the bad shenanigans going on around the empty buildings that needed constant police attention.

 But then I get to Fulton Mall, something that has changed very little since we moved to New York over 18 years ago.  It's cleaner for one.  They installed loads of small trees and benches to sit.  It seems safe.  And maybe it was early but it was also missing all the shoppers.
 Many of the little shops that sell nasty looking plastic toys or cheap clothes, cologne, sneakers are still there but it's as if someone shined a giant light on them.
 But whole stretches are going away too making way for more high end stores.
H&M, TJ Maxx, Nordstrom Rack, Armani Exchange to name a few were already in place.  When did this happen?
 They tried to start this years ago with a Forever 21 anchored mini mall but it went over like a lead brick.  They even tore down the whole dang building afterwards and things went back to normal.

 There's even a super cute little food trailer with a nice eating area around it amid more and more new construction.

The old Fulton Mall was not cool, pretty or even that useful but it's always shocking to see a huge iconic area just transformed so quickly after remaining the same for years.  Brooklyn is changing at a vigorous pace.  
I have perfected my Veggetti noodle preparation.  The key is to use the small to medium green zucchini to get the best longest strands.  In a hot wok with garlic, shallots or onions, and only a touch of oil you need cook the 'noodles' for a few minutes before they are wilted and ready but not mushy.  The vibrant green color stays and paired so nicely with my bolognese sauce.

Staring up at this new hideous monstrosity I feel a little sad and excited.  Perhaps the same last emotions of the thousand rats they had to kill to put this thing up.  

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