Friday, October 10, 2014

Just Walk Away Renee

Renee Zellweger has been seen in the public eye as of late looking much different.  She says her healthy new look is only attributed to life changes.  Uh-huh.  Okay Renee, sure thing.
Is she gone?  Okay, now we can talk.  Bullshit.  A load of heaping steamy shite lady.  I lost weight.  I began riding my bike daily. I look a bit healthier.  But my damn eyes didn't change their shape and my actual face did not transform after toning.
And yes, we need to help Hollywood take some pressure off of these women and now men who feel so pressured to stay young looking even if it means mutating what their momma gave 'em.  But now that more time has passed and so dern many stars have effed up their faces, I am getting a little less sympathetic and feel they need to take some responsibility, fight back a little.  Lose a bit of the vanity and work on your craft, show us what you can do in the acting arena not on the red carpet.  I see plenty of shallow people out here even in Brooklyn, where beauty is not necessarily our specialty.  They plan to become 'beautiful' by getting a tummy tuck or a brazilian butt lift or simpler things like getting a long ass Beyonce wig. They put high value on their butt and exterior head.  I have a bit more compassion for them because they seem lost, misguided. But they're so far down that bad road that it's gonna take one of their 'own', maybe a reality star that found themselves on 'their personal journey' or some shit to bring them to earth.  They are worshiping the flesh. People reap what they sow.
I transformed this ragu sauce and polenta into a nice Italian Bake with a bit of Mozzarella cheese and into the oven to melt.  It was decadent and rich like lasagne with half the calories and fat.
Renee Zellweger is not alone and she is not guilty of more than countless others in Hollywood.  She doesn't deserve a lynching for getting plastic surgery and lying about it.  But I'm done feeling sorry for Hollywood and all their dang pressure.  Shit sucks out here behind the cameras too and we don't have hair and make up people. We're falling victim to gravity as well.  But a lot of us thinking people, begin to build upon our intelligence, our talents, our spirit and health instead of looking for savior in a surgeon's knife.   Plus either you look like a damn fish or like Ms Zellweger you look fine IF you were another person but America (not me mind you) fell in love with that goofy face that God gave you with the squinty eyes and the poochy mouth and now it's all gone.  So how is this the answer???  Look at all the casualties.  Did they get more work in Hollywood?  Do they look better or younger?  No man, open your eyes!  Oh sorry Renee, they are open???
I feel real bad for ya.  I wish you had just walked away.

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