Sunday, March 2, 2014

Asparagus and Black Rice

My sister R and I coincidentally have both discovered some great deals on asparagus this week.  I roasted mine with garlic, EVOO and lemon, along side a couple of plum tomatoes.
I served it over a little seasoned ground turkey and my new friend, black rice.  I had a dish downtown that featured black rice warm with cold snow peas, corn and cilantro and mint.  It was so refreshing and I've looked forward to making something similar in the spring.
Looks like there are different types of black rice as this one was more short grained and mushier.  Not like the ultra thin aldente kind I was served at the restaurant.
But nonetheless it was very tasty, almost a perfumed aroma.

And sometimes I over roast the asparagus but this time I got it just right so you could pick them up and they still have some bite but the outside has a bit of caramelized and smoky taste.

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