Monday, February 24, 2014

I'm Looking Through You, You're Not the Same

Split Pea soup in the slow cooker.  No big shakes.  I used smoked turkey wings instead of ham or ham hocks. 
The snow is dirty.  The dirtiest I've seen it yet. 

There's lots of trash on the street because the garbage was buried in the snow at some point and the bags broke open.  Now the street cleaners can't get to the curbs.

At this point the snow left over is like that dried up crustry scab that needs to be scratched off and done with. 
If this winter doesn't end soon I'm gonna go into orbit.

You have to be creative to see beauty in Brooklyn in the winter.  All the green gone from the trees and the flowering blooms, the blue erased from the skies, the pedestrians in all black.  Winter really strips off the make-up from the old girl and it's not necessarily a pretty site.

Thank goodness for the beauty I always seem to see in food.
In any season.

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