Thursday, February 13, 2014

Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough

Okay I thought, here we go, finally the big storm of the season.  I don't want winter to end before I get my big grande finale.  All these bullshit storms have just been nuisances. A Nor'Easter is a storm you can count on for dramatic weather.   It was my day off and I was ready to document the whole event again.  I had no real need to leave the house and the demons must have taken the day off that normally lurk around me on my days off.  I saw P off to work and treated myself to poached eggs over spinach and tomatoes with turkey bacon.

One of my favorites.  And so I timed it so the eggs were puuuurfectly creamy and delicately soft.
At first light it looked very promising.  It was all starting to stick and look all mucky out.

Then they said public schools were open and that just seemed wrong.  It was really blowing out there and seemed very slippery.  Deblasio is due some rookie mistakes but this one might have been avoided by just looking out the window and giving an update.  It was still before 7am so he has plenty of time.
I patiently watched the news waiting for his conference.  Bloomy would have been out there first thing with his calm, let-me-spell-it-out-for-you-less-smart-people voice with his trusty department of sanitation commissioner by his side.
Okay so now we're at 8am and it's snowing giant white flakes and it's too late, the kids are already all over the news looking like they're walking through a blizzard. No mayor.

I turn on music and drown myself in documentaries lest the demons find me idol.  That's their favorite time to attack.

It snows all day but somehow it just doesn't seem that impressive.  Nothing looks a lot different one hour to the next.  Perhaps its melting.  Kind of a bummer but it's still wicked weather and fun to be inside.

It's turned to sleet, a wintry mix they call it.

Well shit, I guess ground turkey burgers are in order.  I made some extra turkey bacon to top them for a special treat since we're not eating the buns.  Ground turkey, onion, garlic, grated carrot, mustard, thyme, rosemary, and oatmeal was used with one egg to bind the burgers. I also added s&p and a dash of Worcestershire sauce.

Served with cold salad and steamed whole edamame.

Later it turned to pouring rain and we heard some thunder and saw lightning which was a switch.  Couldn't call it thundersnow since it officially turned to rain.

Yep.  Basically just raining now. 

Pouring actually.
Overnight they say it will turn back to snow again and give us a few new fresh inches.  That seems unlikely.
But likely it was.  Sure enough, it snowed and in the morning it was cold and in the sun it felt like you could feel spring in the distance.  But in the shade those sidewalks were pure slick ice and the snow mounds could go either way depending on where you stepped.  

An event but not an eventful one.

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