Sunday, February 9, 2014

Give Peace A Chance

This year I invented the Birth-stay.  Similar to a stay-cation but much more glamorous and luxurious!  For my non-event birthday this year I took a vacation day off on a Sunday and planned an entire day in bed in anticipation of yet another storm that was possibly going to blow through town.  We did get another coating but it was not a big deal. 
I started with these amazing chocolate treats from some uppity Manhattan homemade chocolate shop called L.A. Burdick.  We shared the most chocolatey looking one with coffee.  
There were four separate pastries, each one more uh-mazing than the next.  We nibbled on them all day and the flavors became more intense and clear. like the orange cake.  Here's the web's description: A deceptively simple cake generously enrobed in gianduja (that's a chocolate with 30% hazelnut I learned). Fresh, bright orange accentuates the flavor complexities of this sophisticated hazelnut cake.       

Let me say, I haven't eaten bread in what seems like years, but has only been a couple of months.  For a foodie, that's a lifetime. My dream lunch, another facet of the birthstay,  was a slice of NY Pizza from Not Ray's and it was a dream... I'm almost tearing up thinking back on it because words cannot express how great that slice was.  The smell, the cheese was just hot and stringy enough, the pepperoni was nice and spicy, oily.  The crust was thin and crisp but still had the fresh bread type of edging.  But because deep in my heart I know I deserve none of this, I forbid myself to eat (much of) the second slice.  We both took a couple of bites and stopped.  But let me tell you about that third slice.  It is the stuffed meat slice. The name doesn't begin to do it justice. It's really big and thick and the taste is something like biting into lasagna with sausage and pepperoni's on top, straight out of the oven..  It's more a real pie slice with that amazing crust underneath.  It was my favorite slice and just looking at the picture now makes my heart sad.
 And a diet Coke, that is another thing we never drink but it just seemed so right for that frosty mug.
 It all seemed so right on the bed, with the sun coming in.  A nice bowl of olives and peppers.  Hot sauce, of course. 

I had the pepperoni and P had the cheese.

A bunch of horizontal hours passed...some calming tea...and then a nap.  In Search of Ancient Mysteries documentary and then reading the debunking breakdown.  It was a loser's paradise.
 And it wasn't over yet.  For dinner...67 Burgers!  Mine with bleu cheese and bacon, their specialty. 
  P had the Cheddar Cheeseburger.
 Spicy curly fries and onion rings! 
I was doubly blessed on this birthday.  If it was in the spring or summer then my dream day would be completely different. But being that it's dead of winter and a stormy grey day, living in a busy city that never stops or shuts the hell up or gets out of your way or gives you an f'ing break, a little peace and quiet in your own warm bed is about the best gift I could think of.  I'm gonna say best birthstay ever!

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