Sunday, March 9, 2014

And Life Ain't Nothing But a Funny, Funny Riddle

I've mentioned before this sort of cowboy food fantasy that I have.  I loved watching western movies and even the TV dramas like Gunsmoke, Bonanza, Big Valley and the High Chaparral as a kid. I often imagined waking up with my horse, getting out my tin cup for coffee and putting my cast iron pan on the fire to then rustle up some fine breakfast like the one I did today. I idolized those cowboys with their dusty shirts and boots, their calm demeanor and their skillset with guns, shooting only when necessary but not dwelling on it. I hoped to be a cowboy some day.  But I was a little girl in North-Eastern Indiana, not far from farms but no where near the west and real cowboys. Even though there were some depictions of female cattle hands, they just weren't the same.  I wanted the hat and the belt buckle, the nice boots and no stinking corset or skirt to fuss with when I'm mounting my black stallion.  People on TV like Dinah Shore said you could be anything when you grew up so I wanted to be a cowboy.  I didn't have to understand how, but I never heard any restrictions so I figured it could just work out.
Of course, I now live in Brooklyn and am still female and have never actually even camped out anywhere, however I did play in the woods quite a bit when I was little and I had a really great imagination.  As I got older I developed a love of big cities so I imagine if my fantasy did come true, I would've gone the Paladin route, with business cards and all, a satellite office in town.

So I took some of that roasted red pepper sauce and mixed it with pinto beans, green bell pepper, ground turkey and seasonings.On top of that I made an egg white scramble with onions over a lightning hot iron skillet.  That made the onions smoky and then I turned the fire down to finish off the soft eggs with cilantro.
On top of all that I put a heaping dollop of my dad's hot sauce all cool and fresh.  Yessiree, this is what I feel breakfast tasted like for all those cowboys waking up to the sunrise in the old West.

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