Sunday, March 2, 2014

Don't Believe In Yourself, Don't Deceive With Belief

The 2014 Academy Awards dinner at my house was to be low-key as we're still on a semi restricted regimen.  But the monkey tries to find ways to make it work.  As a matter of fact, I worked this day in the morning so as with most celebrations lately, I'm racing home to create but have lowered my standards quite a bit on the elaborateness of the spreads.  Quite a bit.
We agreed on Lettuce Tacos which are basically a week day meal but regardless, they always taste really good and are super fun if you like to play with your food, and I do.
I whipped up some fresh chunky guacamole and a batch of my dad's famous fresh hot sauce.  We never called it salsa growing up so it's weird to call it that now even though that's what it is...but way better because of his secret ingredient that I'll never tell you ever.  And P is sworn to secrecy as well. 

I roasted some more of that great asparagus that I've been finding at a steal with some EVOO, lots of garlic and lemon and put it out just to grab like a pretzel stick.  Then I had some hummus with carrots and celery.  I laid out the meat and a plate of lettuce sheets for us both to assemble our tacos.
We bought the extree bubbly seltzer. 
Happy with the meal. It was easy and not time consuming.  The clean up was minimal and the satisfaction of eating as many tacos as you want is pretty awesome.
We thought Ellen did a great job, especially with the monologue.  She could have skipped the pizza skit but the selfie thing turned out to be 'okay'. I never expect the hosts to continue being funny for the entire show. We got some belly laughs in the first 10 minutes, so I'd say that was successful. Even though most are very annoying, I like seeing some of the movie stars.  I like when we get to see Angelina Jolie seem almost human. When Ellen went into the audience it helped to shed some of their mystery.  They all seemed like little kids to me.  Liza, Goldie and Kim Novak made me so sad.  Liza was born weird but c'mon Goldie!  Why??? Why???!!!  That amazing face that God gave you and just like that, it's ruined.  Her mouth actually stretches the entire width of her face now I believe.  Kim Novak is old so she's allowed I guess but she was once so glamorous to me.  Plus they say she's bipolar.  So why was she on as a presenter then?
All in all, every idol is being destroyed one by one these days and I don't mind it at all.  It needs to be done. 

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