Saturday, March 8, 2014

Ain't No Sunshine

My schedule sucks in sooooo many ways....let me count them.  No, but seriously for one, when using already bought groceries, it can be tricky if say I work a few nights in a row.  I may need to make a full batch of chicken in a hurry if I didn't have the foresight to freeze half of it. 
And that is basically what happened this week.  I took the family pack of breasts, seasoned them with lemon pepper and slathered them with a container of no-fat plain yogurt mixed with a packet of ranch dressing and by the way....sooooo good!  If your looking for a low calorie dip....there it is!  I baked those for about a 1/2 an hour, let them cool for later.
Chicken breast is not my favorite and nothing could be further from exciting in my mind but I really liked the idea of this ranch lemon pepper meat in a dinner salad.  But that next night I wasn't up for a cold salad.  The sun hasn't exactly been that present in New York yet this March so warm food still sounds good.  So, born was the Wilted Ranch Lemon Pepper Chicken Salad.
 I cut two of the breasts into big-bite chunks and heated through with some celery, onion and then just for a few minutes at the end, chunked fresh roma tomatoes, artichoke hearts and big hunks of romaine lettuce.
 At the very last minute I threw in a slurry of garlic infused olive oil, lots of fresh lemon juice, s&p. 
 This was bursting with warmed lemony goodness that went very well with the tangy ranch.
 The next night could be the cold version of this same salad with maybe some added croutons and if you're lucky enough to still have cheese in your life, maybe a few slivers of parmesan.

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