Sunday, March 23, 2014

You Took My Joy, I Want it Back

Cheese has been off limits for me.  Cheese was accused of triggering my migraines, along with nitrates, MSG, sugar, popcorn, chips, gum and assorted other random ingredients.  But when the cat's away....P left to help his brother with his mushroom farm in Indiana, Big Ed, you've heard of him, the pepper guy. Anyway, I pretty much have no will power so the first night of being alone I pretty much went feral.  I had a problem with my bank card and had no money except for a 20 so I panicked and ran to the corner store to get necessary provisions; cheese, chips, ground turkey, and seltzer.  I had made a big jar of my dad's fresh hot sauce so instead of pico and guacamole which would have made them prettier, I went for the flavor. I drowned them and saved the cash for lunch at work.  Lots of fresh cilantro would have been nice but when you're alone and you're eating exactly what you want visuals are not necessary.  Cheese never had a fair trial and I've always hoped it wasn't guilty of bringing on the deep throbbing pain in my head since it was capable of putting so much joy in my heart.  I'll never really know for sure if cheese was just another food I thought I loved then realized it never loved me back, like Kentucky Fried Chicken and Taco Bell.  But for me, it was better to have loved....
...and yes, afterwards I got a big honkin' headache.

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