Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Lady in Red

More tomatoes fresh from my friends garden!  What a treat!  I really needed to create something amazing with these but my schedule didn't allow amazing, just good.
When riding the bag home on my bike I brainstormed about a new fresh tomato dish that would wow the millions.  Then after three night shifts in a row a couple of the red cuties were looking a little under the weather and rotting, I decided to just use them, quickly.

This morning I put them in my spinach, tomato, feta scramble.  They were the highlight of the dish, left only to heat through and get more juicy but not lose their shape.

These are now all gone, some used in salads, some in quickie cream cheese, tomato, onion English muffins that I'm not supposed to be eating.  Nothing earth shattering was created but alone these smelled like real tomatoes and tasted fresh, tangy and tart just like they're supposed to and that was enough for me!

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