Sunday, October 13, 2013

On the Sunday Mornin' Sidewalk

Had brunch at Putnam's Pub & Cooker in Clinton Hill.  Tried to eat at Chez Lola or Maggie Brown's but the line was too long.  We had four hung visiting relatives in town and needed to get them sitting down with a hair of the dog drink in hand quickly.
 It's a scary time to try a new place but after we got in so quickly with 6 people, sat down at a great table I decided I love this place!  The d├ęcor, the waitresses and staff, the menu and the food itself.  The food was soooo good and the presentation was fun and down to the table and chairs, I just loved everything about this place.  Someone was very thoughtful about all aspects including the seating. I hope to go again soon and sit in one of the big pub-style looking booths. 

I had the Putnam's Brunch Burger, grassfed sirloin, applewood smoked bacon, American cheese, a sunny egg and the bun was toasty.  Even though I had a hard time getting this thing in my mouth (shut up!) it was such a nice surprise and well worth the dissection to get every bite.  And they served it on a butcher board so that was easy too.

By the way, pricing is super reasonable.

I want to go there right now!

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