Monday, October 21, 2013

I Know What It Is to be Sad

For health reasons, we are on a food regime consisting of plenty of greens, vegetables, fish and chicken.  Chicken without the fat, which for me, is nothing short of sad.  I've never been a fan of chicken breast or white meat in general but it's not bad actually.  I can learn to love it.  It's much more expensive and for that I still remain bitter.  I love my chicken thighs and have loved them a hundred different ways.  I also get down with my legs, however I broke up with wings years ago and only make them on very special occasions. 
The fun thing about roasting meats and vegetables is how easy the clean up can be.  Just lay them all out on the roasting rack and let it go.  I used my Misto oil sprayer to just mist them lightly in order for the salt and pepper to stick to the vegetables.
This is like food without make up, in it's natural state.  This is when it's apparent how perfect mother nature can be regarding taste and flavor of her own offerings.

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