Monday, October 14, 2013

And All Ya Gotta Do is, Act Naturally

Stir Fry Tofu with brussel sprouts, broccoli and tomato.  Not the most likely combination.  I mean if vegetables were drunk at a bar, and the mushrooms and red peppers had already gone home, I still don't think broccoli would be caught nuzzling up to the brussel sprouts.  Brussel sprouts can be a bit much.  I left them whole this time but I like them better cut in half or quarters and with a little carmelization on them, roasted or braised. But I don't think they need all that bacon or butter, just salt and a squeeze of lime.  To me they taste great and are super filling. But this worked because after our bad eating spree and visitors, we needed to get something green and healthy inside us. 

 Just a soy sauce slurry...
 ...and some red pepper flakes and it was good to go!

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