Friday, October 11, 2013

Change is Gonna Do Me Good

Nerd Alert! I love tracking the changing of the leaves every fall.  Nothing is too apparent yet but on this day you could see the beginnings of the reds and yellows coming in. It's gonna sound corny but because I'm so freaked out about the climate change, I have a small fear that in my lifetime I will see a year when fall does not come, nor spring.  Maybe there will be new swirly weather that brings all seasons in one week, like we've already seen in small doses.  I treasure the seasons now.  They are like gifts. Signs of winter are more like getting socks where maybe you don't see all the benefit at first open.  But later you can enjoy and appreciate.   I think for me the first thing I notice is the sky goes white the majority of the days.  The lack of sun does affect me strongly but this year I'm determined to enjoy the things that are better about the changing weather.  For example all summer long my hair is a frizzy mess that cannot be tamed.  Now it's behavin' and almost shiny.  I can air dry it and it will even have natural waves.  I like sleeping with blankets and not being sweaty all the time. 

Foodwise; soups are back!  Also casseroles and baked vegetables.  Hot food in general.  This morning I made quick chilaquiles with my dad's hot sauce and homemade hash browns.

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