Friday, October 18, 2013

Didn't I Blow Your Mind This Time, Didn't I?

So I'm talking to my co-worker today B, and she whips out a bag of cashews.  It's a full moon so I'm feelin' people much more today than usual, almost chatty, very rare.  I start up a conversation especially since being the nerd that I am, the previous night I had just happened to study & compare the nutritional value of different nuts.  We're talking about them, I'm telling her how they are super high in good fats and antioxidants.  She screams 'they're fattening!?' and I explain myself.  We talk a bit more.  I notice things about people.  I've worked with her for 5 years, so I've seen what she eats for lunch, which is a lot of fruit.  So I end up throwing in some fun facts about fruit.  All the sudden I'm a nutritionist, showing off and even offering advice about her high cholesterol. 
So anyway, she starts telling me how much she loves the cashew fruit.  Hold the phone! What the heck is she going on about?  She has a thick accent so I think I am not hearing her right, so I tell her back up the truck, cashew fruit?? Yeah, cashew apples she says.  And then she draws them for me and I have to believe she's messing with my head.  Who has ever heard that cashew nuts hang off some piece of delicious edible fruit???  Actually it gets much weirder than that because this sweet red apple, is what they call an accessory or false fruit, and the real fruit of the tree is the casing of what we call the cashew nut but what is actually the seed.  WTF?!  She says its super soft and sweet, very different and couldn't tell me what it tasted most like.  I race home to Google it and there it is, just like she drew it.  Wikipedia says it has notes of mango, raw green pepper and just a little hint of grapefruit like citrus.
I guess the false fruit is super juicy with soft skin so it's unsuitable for transport. 

I did not know that.

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