Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Heros Have Always Been Cowboys

I call these dry chilaquiles but since I've been here in NY I've grown to know them as Tex-Mex migas ala Lobo Restaurant on Court Street. I also call it cowboy cooking because I often fantasize about being on the trail with my horse and black iron skillet. I have to stop for the night by the stream. This might be a dish I'd rustle up upon waking for breakfast. Strips of corn torts and onions fried up quickly in a hot pan then heat lowered and eggs scrambled in. It is always surprising to me how great corn tortillas taste heated in oil. Very rustic and earthy. Good all on its own. I put peas in this mornings migas to add some color. If you have it, nice soft chorizo is perfect.
In reading more and more about traditional chilaquiles it seems the difference is those are made with salsa. You cook the corn tort strips in the salsa to get a little softened. That's how they serve them at Pequena in Fort Greene. Super good, with salsa verde and chicken!
My dad's from Texas but I grew up in the Fort, Wayne that is, Indiana. Who knows how these recipes get passed down. Even on my end, we're talking eating these when I was around 7 or so, so I don't even know how they were made. I'm just going on taste memory.
Whatever you call them they're delicious, fast and special.

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