Thursday, February 9, 2012

Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon

Remember when being 50 was something you joked about and it was funny because you were no where near 50? Well today is not that day. I'm 50 years old, just like Sally O'Malley!
I'm been half-depressed, half-excited all week just coming up on it. I wasn't sure how to feel. Maybe for women it's different. But there's no way around the over-all theme and that you're old! Not 'little old lady old' but too old for lots of stuff, like dressing a certain way, skirts higher than a certain length, showing too much cleavage now looks desperate and kinda grosses people out. Good thing I don't have any. You will not get looks from young men and if by chance they make a mistake and look at you, they quickly drop that glance once they see your 50! And that's just the superficial part. Where am I in my life? Have I accomplished anything? Let's look at the list of good friends I've managed to whittle away.
Dang, I just want some cake and be done with all this thinkin'. I'm not comfortable focusing on my lack of greatness. I've done the best I could and when I haven't, well sue me. I'm not ready to reconcile my cash drawer yet, I'm just taking my 15 minute break. It's not like it's over right? Hell I just this year finally learned how to properly cook a scrambled egg.
I worked up a real appetite flailing around in all my faults and shortcomings all day. Yes there was quite a stack of mistakes and poor judgement, dumb ideas, bad decisions. A half centuries worth of F ups to keep me company on this special day. Finally P's home! There is a God! And there is nothing sweeter than someone cooking an entire meal just for you. And P did that for me as a gift. First he brought me cheese and crackers with a nice ice cold O'Douls, which I didn't even know they made anymore. I'd given up on trying to order non-alcoholic beer at bars and getting that schmarmy look from the bartenders. Judge me now punk, see you in 15 years! Next a crisp salad with lot of blue cheese and tomato. For the entree, a big juicy steak! A baked potato that he seemed to spend some time on seasoned with green onions, lots of salt and pepper and butter. A ravioli side because its a guilty pleasure of mine.
For dessert little cakes from the Brooklyn Fare Market bakery. Red velvet and carrot. Super cute and delicious!
Happy Birthday old girl!


Just nod if you can hear me. Is there anyone at home?