Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I'm Sick of Love, But I'm in the Thick of It

Valentine's Day in New York! Hundreds of young men flocking to their local bodegas after work with their wallets out. Its as though they've all been given the exact same list and one by one they're mindlessly checking it off. The dozen red roses, the ugly metallic balloons, the box of heart shaped chocolates. This equals romance and I love you? Or does it?

To me its a little unoriginal and lazy, even though it probably takes a lot of effort. C'mon this is a day to honor your love for your friend and partner. Put a little thought into it! You know, I believe someone could come along and completely reinvent this holiday and sentiment and make it fresh again. The actual idea of celebrating your romance is a great idea.

I have no room to talk. In my youth, I had always despised this particular holiday. Couples looking adoringly at each other. Yuck! And instead of concentrating on what I could do differently, I've just been like the grinch sneering down on all the Who's in Whoville. So at the last minute I thought to do a little creative honoring of my own this year. Something small and thoughtful. I raced out to get Chinese Take Out, Hunan Beef for P, Cashew Nut Chicken for me - two shrimp rolls. I got a few small items that P'd mentioned he needed and put them around the house for him to find, simple little drug store items, nothing elaborate. Just something to let him know I was thinking of him this day.
It's Tuesday night and I know what P wants. And it has nothing to do with romance and the best gift I can give him is to let him be. So we ate at separate times because we're on different schedules and I kept his dish warm in the oven. I let him do what he likes to do on Tuesday nights and I enjoyed a nice dinner myself.

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