Friday, February 10, 2012

I Found Love On a Two-Way Street

What we call the $10 deli, where you only have to spend $10 to use your debit card as opposed to the $15 dollar store, well they have added some great new ready made sandwiches. Its sort of a sad lonely walk down the aisle to the back of the store though. It either needs more light or to be moved to the front. Its a bit lonely. Makes you feel like they've been there awhile. But they were super fresh and good. Black Pepper turkey and apple with Swiss. The ham had Russian dressing which was interesting. They're smart to not make a bunch, just a few. But I like this store. They try new things. An Asian market with Mexican produce guys so you get a good mix of fresh vegetables. They just moved a freezer of healthy, some vegetarian frozen food entrees to the front. Nice no brainer choices for the just off work lethargic crowd.
Small markets, bodegas, deli's, corner stores, Git n' Go's, whatever you call these shops, they come to be very important in your life. You run in there needing to find either one item or dinner quickly and it can feel kinda desperate sometimes. The easier they make it for you, the more I like them. I had no food ideas in me this day. I just needed to get something in my stomach with little fanfare. Gourmet Food Market on Lafayette made that possible.
Plus they carry Pop Chips!

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