Saturday, June 11, 2011

I Put a Spell on You Because You're Mine

When I decide I'm making 'chicken' for dinner, sometimes it doesn't sound so exciting even though there are so many ways to dress up and feature chicken meat. A whole chicken is a different story though. A whole chicken is a beautiful thing. It deserves to be handled and massaged, dressed and made comfortable, legs and wings tucked in for safekeeping. After all, its giving its entire being. Why not give the little feller a respectful send-off.

The process is in the preparation. A bit ritualistic and sacred. I get into it. After a quick shower and towel off, I salt and peppered his little cavity then I stuffed him with all the fresh herbs left over from my chimichurri. Then rubbed him with my homemade chipotle chili powder blend until every inch was covered. Salt and pepper, into the oven.

So much flavor in the dry rub baked skin and then the herbs permeated the tender juicy meat. Succulent!

The heat of the chipotle rub went well with cool chunks of fresh pineapple and a simple arugula salad with dried tomatoes.

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