Saturday, June 25, 2011

You're The Best Thing, That Ever Happened to Me (this week)

I've been trying to cut out the unnecessary bread and starchy food from my weekly meal planning but tonight I had to have a burger that I could put pickles, onions and cheese on and pick up and manhandle a bit. I was searching for the answer browsing the bread aisles, longingly looking at my old international friends, French, Italian & Cuban. I found these sandwich thins by Arnold, only 100 calories. And toasted, they're good for a whole lot of fun things like mini pizzas. They have a little crunch on the outside but nice and soft and light inside. Tonight they held my burger tight and just right.

Ground turkey burgers seasoned with cumin seed, onion, garlic and bound with a little egg and oatmeal. For a side we had freshly chopped nectarine salsa with tri-colored chips.
Arnold, this week you made a hungry monkey very happy.

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