Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I Never Knew Love Before, Then Came You

The Smoke Joint understands that occasionally you need to stay in your elastic wasted clown pants in order to properly enjoy their bountiful offerings. They graciously offer the 'Delivery Special' - a whole tender smoked chicken, barbecued beans, coleslaw AND cornbread all for $18.00.

It's a lot of chicken. One must be diligent and stay civilized. My best advise is to serve your portions and quickly put the second foil container directly into the fridge for another setting. You're excited, its understandable. There is a lot of smoked BBQ chicken in the house and you in your elastic pants. You are right to be nervous, perhaps a little giddy. Love is dangerous.

You see, I was the runt in a family of five other siblings and I often did not get enough to eat because either someone decided I couldn't possibly eat all of that or I was just always way too slow on the draw. Either way, I seem to wrangle with appropriate portions and have trouble feeling full. I feel calmer inside knowing there is plenty in any one's definition. Or maybe I didn't get enough love as a child but regardless, this time, I also ordered sides of mac and cheese and their award winning Bed-Stuy potato salad. And Smoke Joint understands all of this, no judgement, no questions asked. Give them a call.

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