Thursday, June 30, 2011

It Don't Come Easy

Way back when I could afford to be crazy, my therapist told me that I had uncommon sense. I'm pretty sure she was trying to make me feel better for making all these stupid decisions all the time. But through the years I've kind of noticed she may have been on to something.

I like to think I'm creative. I easily come up with new mixtures and recipes. Yet for example making a BLT, I never really ventured outside of those ingredient 'rules' much. Some cook musta laid down this trio with care. Don't screw with it, I figured. But this day I didn't have lettuce. What was I to do? Finally, something snapped and I said, you fool! Bacon tastes great with anything'.

Millions of people all over the world probably make all kinds of nutty bacon combinations each day. I'm a late bloomer. Its a curse.

Toasted Sandwich Thins with turkey bacon, tomato, Vidalia sweet onions and alfalfa sprouts with yogurt dill spread. A stack of black bean chips and nectarine salsa to keep the newbie company. Also a nice chilled strawberry, banana, yogurt and nectarine fruit smoothie.

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