Sunday, July 2, 2023

You Can't Make Old Friends

The best smiles are the real ones!
Lunch with my bud at Junior's of all places.  Girl likes diners and grilled sandwiches, what can I say.  I'm not the amazing host that I would like to be but I know you give the people what they want.  If I recall the weather was sweltering heat with high humidity that day.  Unrelentless sun.  When you have to say, dang summer, you scary!  
I got the Turkey Reuben with thick cut fries and we we scored a good window seat in the back.
I believe H got the Swiss Melt.  They always give pickled beets, pickles and coleslaw to each table.  I hope that never goes away, like the free chips and salsa at Mexican restaurants did. 

But we cooled off in the AC, sat in the park a bit before melting and then hightailed it back to my place for some cold watermelon and an incredible chat.  I miss socializing so much but do it so little.  It is schedules and energy driving the downslope in outings but something definitely happened after COVID that leaves me even more apt to spend time alone.   This is not without logic.  I'm less apt to jump on the subway at night as every ride comes with some potentially violent lunatics.  Women are vulnerable and it seems like everyone that gets attacked by a machete or pushed off the tracks is my age.  It's a drag to go to Manhattan now.  It gives me bad juju.  I love my Brooklyn neighborhoods but it is healthy to get out and about.  When you spend time with someone you know and feel so at ease with, that's when it becomes apparent that you're missing out.  

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