Saturday, July 15, 2023

First You Love Me, Then You Hate Me

Chicken in Mustard over Egg Noodles
This was pure comfort food.  The reason I stay away from many creamy dishes is the amount of fat that is usually added.  There is not a weekday reason to add a cup of sour cream or a block of cream cheese along with half and half or whole cream to your dinner, unless you're looking to get on that Statin drug asap.  This recipe only required 2 tablespoons of sour cream and I added the noodles to the pot instead of serving on the side, that way I didn't have to dress them in more butter. 
I subbed Italian Parsley for Tarragon and stock for white wine.
I could crawl inside there and fall asleep!

I'll call it 'creamy enough'

A Toasted Everything Bagel from Bagel Delight with tomato and Onion and Cream Cheese in the morning. Now That is a reason to eat an overly sufficient amount of Cream Cheese! 

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