Tuesday, July 11, 2023

You Have to Believe We Are Magic

Amazon Frozen tamale for lunch topped with my hot sauce and side salad

There is game in trying to outsmart the higher food prices when meal planning for work, while still keeping it easy.  Instead of plating for dinner and only getting 2 servings, I opted to save the almost $10, 6-pack of pork tamales for lunch, when I only need to eat one with a side salad and can stretch the bag for a whole week of lunches.  

You have to believe we'll figure out all of this craziness of our current day life or you'll go mad.  It's a challenging time when our own system is eating us alive.  When prices increased for everything, but wages stayed the same for most.  When food is coming in smaller packages and lesser quantities, yet higher priced, so you're screwed twice and not in the good way.  

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