Tuesday, July 25, 2023

You Can't Hide Your Lyin' Eyes

Cafe Luluc
Sometimes one needs excuses to eat out for lunch or breakfast.  Sometimes we just do it without thought.  I think the difference is, when we spend a little more to go to the nicer spot it's a thought.  And that is about the difference these days in a nicer establishment, a few dollars more. Like this highly desirable meal at Cafe Luluc on Smith Street in Brooklyn. Even the outdoor space is decorated much nicer, which in turns makes the experience that much more pleasant.  The quality of the food is better, although that doesn't always equate to better tasting.  This time it did, except for the beans and rice were just so, so.
The excuse this time was my new glasses that were waiting for me at See Eyewear.  They are larger and heavier than I thought, not flattering, yet people comment on how much they like them constantly.  Which is how I feel about them.  They look awesome, except on me.  The sales lady was so pushy I wanted to leave the second I met her and I should have, because the experience left me cold for that place.  So much that I didn't want to pick them up or get them adjusted.  I ran in and tried them quickly before rushing out.  The prescription was not even comfortable.  I end up wearing my reading glasses most days even though I allegedly need the bifocals. 

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