Friday, July 28, 2023

That's Why I'm Easy

Baked BBQ Chicken

Sometimes laziness breeds good ideas.  It's best to incorporate a green into your dinner but if you want to slide in a shortcut, as your rice water is boiling, add a bag of frozen kale, broccoli or spinach.  It's one less pan and the seasoning and garlic is already in the broth if you're like me and don't like bland rice.  Start by toasting the rice in oil and spices, then add garlic and finish with chicken broth.  You can finish with a splash of lemon. 

Yes, you should make your own BBQ sauce.  But bottled sauces are better and better in regards to sugar content, spiciness and flavor.  The specialty markets mark the good ones down and you'd be silly not to swoop in during those times.  This was a mustardy, tangy version with honey.  Life is hard, make it easier.

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