Saturday, January 7, 2023

Hey Girl! I Want You to Know

Ode to a Chef

Lettuce Cheesy Smashburgers and Baked Garlicky Fries

Baked Garlicky Fries 
Shaheen Peerbhai is the Purple Foodie, the creator of the baked garlicky fries recipe.  Years ago I was hoping to find a recipe that worked to lend crispy baked French Fries and found her site.  I've been making them for years and sometimes get them just right. I never bothered to look into who she was or what she did.  I assumed she was just another one of these faceless, helpful but underwhelming cooks who write these template blogs that all look the same, with the same generic stories. One's that I refer to constantly by the way, but often just for a grab and go.  Well, turns out she's a retired blogger now and the founder of Miel Bakery in London, a mother and author.  She has workshops and bakes things like Blood Nectarine and Elderflower Tarts.  So yes, very impressive. I can tell by watching her, she is great at what she does. Miles beyond my best abilities. Shaheen, wherever you are, please know that you've made a difference in the life of this reader and these fries are a regular part of any burger-frie combination in this household forever.  So, thank you! 

Feeling inspired this lead me to bake these cayenne, cinnamon and cocoa powder infused Double Chocolate Brownies, which were Excellent! Thank you universe!  I even shared them with coworkers. 

Breakfast Scramble

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