Saturday, January 14, 2023

And the Sky is a Hazy Shade of Winter

Chef John's One Pan Beef Stroganoff
This stroganoff would have been on point, had I the correct curly egg noodles.  The only downside of having fancy corner markets is that may only carry the healthier, less tasty version of common staples.  This can be an upside as well because we tend to make better choices. In this case,the noodle shouldn't overtake the meat sauce.  They should be able to absorb flavors (but not all of of the sauce, as these did) and provide a balance of textures.  So, although this was great tasting, and God knows I love me a noodle, this type was too thick and wide.  Isn't it funny when you take the time to do something correctly and with your best efforts, it still fails.  That's about how life has been going lately.

Ryan Hall Y'all's Nader Beans!  With weather being big news, you've most likely latched on to a favorite channel or meteorologist.  Ryan Hall is my choice.  A baby-faced Southerner with a positive outlook on crappy weather. Actually, the coffee beans are really good too that he sells on his site.  I bought them to support the rescue efforts done by this man and his compadres out of Kentucky and was quite surprised how good the coffee tasted.  Money has never been too appealing, and I'm hard pressed to find a long list of things I want but really good coffee in the morning, one cup, would be a nice little luxury to enjoy each day.
A puffy omelet made with American Cheese.  
As with any omelet, you could go many ways in regards to toppings or fillings with the puffy variety.  But since the egg taste is mellowed by all the whipping, the sharp tang of the American Cheese is a nice partner.  Its reminiscent of a diner omelet. 

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