Monday, January 16, 2023

Breaking Us Down, When They All Should Let Us Be

Chicken Soupy Stew
I find my love of soups is growing, maturing.  Like they say love grows, spiritually.  Normally I might make fun of a statement like that, but it's true with love.  Soup might be stretching the theory but when you think about it, we, (some of us) eat these chickens en mass but when you treat them very special, make a broth with their bones, add fresh vegetables and herbs, garlic, bay leaves, freshly cracked pepper, then this magic bird transforms into a sacred broth, bordering medicinal. I add the cob to add a deeper corn flavor in the broth while simmering. I made a roux base to thicken the broth so it eats more like a stew. Yukon potatoes hold their shape with the cabbage, tomatoes, corn, carrots and celery.  Of course a homemade hot sauce and roasted jalapenos to kick it into gear was added, cilantro to finish.  If I have a signature soup, this would be it. 
Ya think?!  Sort of like a Smart virus seeking vulnerable organs in the body.  Almost as if it was made in a cocka doodey laboratory by scientists. 

These are times when it doesn't feel great to be right.  I don't feel smug that I never believed the boosters were necessary if you already had COVID.  I'm shaking my head but not in any satisfying way.  I feel the scientific community and our own party sold us to the pharmaceutical companies and that is not okay.

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