Sunday, September 1, 2019

Say My Name, Say My Name

There's a lady at work that calls me Sam but that's not my name.  She's 70 and looks about 55, very tall and thin and wears bright yellow Chuck Taylor high tops and lives in the nearby Red Hook Housing. She has one of those raspy sexy voices and sounds like she's lived through some very interesting times that I would have paid to have been in.  I have never corrected her because I love the name Sam and could so easily change myself to fit that name, happily so but especially since it's been about 7 years since she started calling me that.
Every so often I make these Baked Garlicky Fries because they are amazing and taste fantastic if you get the crisp just right.  When that happens, you never miss the actual frying part.  This was a good time.  The oven has to be very hot, but you can't burn them either, so after a bunch of times, I learned you really need to watch them and turn them and turn the pan during baking.  Be present.
Earlier that day I brought to lunch one of my left over Accordion Chicken Primavera breasts and boy was it such a treat in that environment.

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