Tuesday, September 3, 2019

If You Want to Be Free, Be Free

Sometimes riding your bike in the city is nothing short of a large screen video game.  And this year they advanced the skill level to include these new Revel mopeds all over the road.  They're supposed to stay out of the bike lane but because it's basically the wild west in Brooklyn, they do as they please.  They're a step up from the motorized bikes that are mainly used for food delivery.  Those speed demons have raced up from behind at night so quickly that my heart about bounced right up through my throat.  There is nothing scarier than feeling a crash coming that you have no control over, when there is no time to react.  I'm sure they feel in control but caught by surprise, I'm apt to veer one way or another. They're dangerous. Many times they shut off their lights out in order to speed up their route and go the wrong way down a road.  If you ever see a husky Mexican tank coming right at you on a motorized bike at night, you'll know true fear.   At least you hear these new scooters, sort of.  It's a low buzz.  
In the end its a great thing for the city to have more options of getting around.  Uber and Lyft changed the game entirely.  The subway system and yellow cab drivers must have thought nothing would ever evolve to take their place.  So they did what people tend to do, take you for granted, take more from you while providing nothing in return.  Also, to believe they can not only continue their bullshit but get worse and no one will be the wiser.  In this respect, I commend any company coming into the competition for our loyalty.
I try to up my dinner, health and skill game level as best I can for myself and my mate.  This stuffed cold tuna salad with apple, chick peas and walnuts over dressed greens was my way of saying, hey, I appreciate you.  Not only that but I want to put nutrients in your body so you live longer.  I made it pretty because it's all another form of art to me and because food is like a little gift you give to someone.   I try to remember just like that airport saying, we know you have a choice in who you're flying with and I want to thank you for choosing me. 
In keeping with this healthy competition and range of choices we now have, people should be cognizant of their new options.  Traditional living arrangements may give way to new pairings or groupings soon.  What I envision is young (and old) people will choose whoever we want to share living quarters with for emotional, economic, practical and social reasons eventually.  We like to imagine leaving the city and living in a small house in a small town and continuing our low carbon footprint.  But sometimes I see living in one of those larger old houses with my sister, an elderly person, possibly take in a troubled teen or young mother and building a network of support under one roof.  Me and P talked about possibly housing single friends or family that maybe fell on their luck or just because it would be so cool.  Soon maybe this will be the norm.  Just like my visit to the city today where the bike lane was filled with normal bicycles but also included solowheels, monocycles, electric scooters, hoover and skateboards.  Opening up habitation options could really solve a lot of problems for people that don't fit into one mold.

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